Angelic Law is a one of a kind unique boutique law firm

Our offices are cloud based, to better serve all God’s children in all parts of the North American continent. We are here to help those suffering from the hands of the IRS and CRA, who maintain themselves under the auspices of an unlawful and deceitful Tax Act.

Where and when our forefathers who created our nations Constitution, never wrote into law the implementation, practice, collection or criminal prosecution upon the sovereign people of that most heinous word called tax.

We, at Angelic Law are a collective of God’s children, created in His image and likeness. Law abiding sovereign people of the world unencumbered by secular laws. Those same secular laws that are binding the private sovereign people of the world into submission where NO laws previously exist, by replacing the covenants and promises God gave Abraham and his children.

We The People Will Not Be Denied!

We, at Angelic Law understand:

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We are ready to HELP all athletes, carpenters, nurses, doctors, engineers, home makers understand they don’t owe the government anything because We, the People won’t be duped again.

We, at Angelic Law will remove your name from the IRS / CRA tax roll forevermore.

We, at Angelic Law will replace your Fee Simple Title with Allodial Title. Never again will you be threatened by unlawful agencies and their illegitimate representatives because your free from tax forevermore.

We, at Angelic Law eliminate the white noise of government, lawyers, the judiciary and non-sensical accounting practices by revealing TRUTH and FACTS and Documented Evidence when confronted by anyone representing themselves as an authoritative individual.

We, at Angelic Law understand the unlawful use of paper being imposed by the IRS / CRA upon ALL those sovereign people being inundated with Garnishment Notices and Letter of Assessment Notices.

We, at Angelic Law understand and specialize in both Biblical Law and secular laws.

We, at Angelic Law remain 1/10th the cost and 1/10th the headache of those same un-licensed lawyers you currently seek advice from.

We, at Angelic Law understand and are here to HELP.

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