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Written works include: Tax is SIN and Tax is SIN II

The Truth about Tax book

What you need 1st and foremost – An understanding of Truth & Facts! Angelic Law eliminates your Farmer Logic of Buy-Rent-Hold Analysis spreadsheet, forevermore. Angelic Law removes government intervention from your life forevermore. Can you ask and logically answer the cost benefit analysis of seeking and retaining a secular lawyers assistance if you only knew secular lawyers DON’T assist BUT hinder & hide! They practice non-sensical secular (man-made) laws. As in Biblical Times we in the 21st Century still walk amongst the Pharisees of the world. What they perform is nothing. What they receive is the fruits of your work and labour by extracting with false promises of Remedy and Recourse – And, the end result is the double whammy of witnessing your demise at your expense. Relishing in unlawful acts and laws they manufacture and enforce by statute. Statute by definition means “the FORCE of law” however, IT IS NOT LAW! And, as always at your expense!

How they succeeded to be so successful for the last 75 years is simple to understand and prove. They secretly altered the rule book of the courts jurisdiction as well as the law(s) originated by God. When does their reign of rule end? Right this moment! How does they’re little red wagon of pain and suffering they’ve inflicted and imposed on the private sovereign people STOP? By the revelation of TRUTH and FACTS based on 100% evidence.

[Excerpt from TAX Is SIN II]