Angelic Law came in and rescued my business from total annihilation when both the Canada Revenue Agency and the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance were constantly harassing me. From Assessment Letters to the threatening letters of Garnishee were never ending until Daniel at Angelic Law STOPPED them cold in their tracks.

My wife and I are no longer slaves to the tax man or the government after this ordeal. What we now know and understand to be a very corrupt and unlawful system.

I wish we would have known this information decades ago. Daniel came to our rescue in the nick of time with TRUTH and FACTS and now we are no longer fearful of losing our house and other assets to crooked people and an even more corrupt agency.

Daniel explained why lawyers couldn’t help me when I paid them big dollars to get me out of their web.

Those same lawyers didn’t do anything for me other than get us deeper in hot water.

If I can give a shout-out to everyone seeking help from the corrupt CRA, I strongly recommend Angelic Law for everything they did for us to keep our property, money and sanity.

Mike P.
S.E. Calgary Small Business Owner

My wife and I contacted Angelic Law, and Daniel assisted us in eliminating the Canada Revenue Agency from our lives.

Being ranchers, we are grateful that we understand, and now own our property from heaven to hell and no longer pay taxes.

Daniel explained in layman terms how property ownership really works and that we will not be forced by anyone to pay the government any more.

My wife and I cannot be more grateful for the assistance Daniel has provided when explaining that he does not want us to move anywhere because our children would be most affected unnecessarily, when it comes to Estate Tax. Eliminating Probate court and the “CRA” from our lives is a huge relief.

You will get the truth and facts first hand from Angelic Law and a comfort zone your speaking to a Christian who understands. and specializes in both Biblical and secular law. The clarity of truth and facts revealed was appreciated beyond belief.

We pray others who are fearful of government and their banks will contact Angelic Law for help if they have home ownership, or tax problems.

Jack and Barb
Southern Alberta